Common Engineering Problems for Traveller Spaceships Part 2

Posted by Christopher Korczak on

by Brooks Hester

So once I came up with the engineering problems to inject some realism
into the campaign I wanted to come up with some solutions for the
characters. Something to cause them to go off on a tangent. To make
them have to stop what they are doing to unravel the problems with the
ship. Just as in real life when the water heater at home goes out or your
car needs new tires.

This is by no means the only resolution list and I encourage the players to
come up with their own fixes. However, if they are stuck I give them some
general parts from a random list that I created. The list is below and
causes the characters to pursue a small side mission to procure the parts
or hire a more qualified mechanic to make the repairs.

Again, two lists for a six-sided die as follows:

1) Focal Subjugators
2) Quantum Linking Peptides
3) Nanometer Scales (could be found only in a Class A starport)
4) Veiled Ion Calipers (same as above)
5) Graphite Cargo Brakes
6) Vector Realignment Timers

1) Fine Spectrum Analyzers
2) Control Surface Actuators
3) Aerodynamic Limiting Pads
4) Radiometric Antennas
5) Firmware Updates (available only in orbit or in a starport
6) Dylithium Crystals (used with tongue firmly in cheek)

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